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We combine rehabilitation care with the unique possibilities of virtual reality

Lack of specialists and long waiting periods. This is a common situation in rehabilitation. Yet, it is timely and regular exercise that is the key to progress in the treatment of patients. Our personal experience with this issue led us to develop our application. The aim is not to replace rehabilitation workers, but to make their work much easier.

VR Vitalis Pro is an innovative application that is certified as a medical device and is specifically designed with the needs of professional rehabilitation departments in mind. It is a combination of rehabilitation care with the revolutionary possibilities of virtual reality, which brings quality medical care and efficient operation of the rehabilitation department.

Our team

We are a team of people who share a passion for health, technology and innovation

  • Mgr. Jana Trdá, Ph.D. CEO

    Jana is responsible for strategy and product definition in the company. She is the founder and also the main innovator.

  • Ing. Marie Němcová COO

    Marie is the main manager of the company. She is responsible for team management, project management and quality, which is essential for our product.

  • Hana Starečková assistant

    Hana is the company assistant and our right hand. She helps us tremendously in operations and communication with clients.

  • Lukáš chief of developers

    Lukáš is the chief of developers. He focuses on Unity, i.e. directly on VR development. But he is also responsible for other graphic designers, developers and colleagues who take care of our administration.

  • Honza product designer

    Honza is our chief product designer. He works on the application layout, including the user interface. To make everything look nice and easy to use.

  • Vašek graphic designer

    Vašek makes sure that we have everything nice. He models and designs the environment and various elements for exercises. Sometimes we give him a hard time with our demands.

  • Martin developer

    Martin mainly deals with the web part of the application, which is the administration. He designs applications, programs, prepares and patiently explains.

  • Martin Komár sales representative

    Martin is responsible for communication with clients. He is their point of contact and support for needs analysis and familiarization with VR Vitalis.

  • Patrik Baroš sales representative

    Patrik is our sales force especially for the Prague and Central Bohemia region. He will be happy to explain and demonstrate our VR Vitalis product.

  • Pavel Hochman sales representative

    Pavel helps us with business in Prague and Central Bohemia. He is happy to talk about virtual reality and demonstrate our great product VR Vitalis.

  • Kristýna Kaňovská marketing specialist

    Kristýna is in charge of communication and presentation of our company at conferences, fairs and in the digital world.

  • Terezie Kociánová tester

    Tereza takes care of the application and administration for us before it goes into production. She checks that everything works and looks as it should, and exercises in the app the most of all.

  • Marek Krumpholc sales representative

    Marek represents us in South Moravia. He is an experienced salesperson and negotiator who focuses on achieving sales goals and long-term customer satisfaction.

External team of experts

VR Vitalis Pro is developed in close collaboration with leading experts

  • doc. MUDr. Michal Filip, Ph.D., MBA neurosurgeon

    Michal is an experienced neurosurgeon. He also has experience in spa care, having managed a regional hospital and a rehabilitation institute. He is now the head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence, VR and Telemedicine at OSU Faculty of Medicine and credits his experience as our medical expert.

  • Mgr. Marcela Dabrowská occupational therapist

    Marcela is an experienced occupational therapist who also passes on her experience to students at the Faculty of Medicine, Ostrava University. She is very helpful in setting up the product as well as testing it and conducting expert studies.

  • MUDr. Šárka Baníková rehabilitation doctor

    Šárka is a rehabilitation doctor and head of the Clinic of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine at the Ostrava University Hospital. She leads a team of physiotherapists who design and test exercise modules for us.

  • MuDr. Štefan Reguli, Ph.D. neurosurgeon

    Štefan is a neurosurgeon and also leads the LERCO project at FNO, which aims to link basic research, applied research and commercialization of scientific outputs. He is our main expert on the app for awake operations.

  • prof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D., DBA expert in new technologies

    Roman is the director of the Institute of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence at Tomas Bata University in Zlín and a great expert in new technologies.

  • MUDr. David Školoudík, Ph.D., FESO, FEAN neurologist

    David is an experienced neurologist and also Vice Dean for Science and Research at the Faculty of Medicine of the Ostrava University.

  • Mgr. Marie Kaniová, Ph.D. linical speech therapist

    Marie is a clinical speech therapist with extensive experience. In the project, she helps us mainly with a module for recognizing and testing speech disorders, for example in awake operations.

  • Mgr. Renáta Čecháčková physiotherapist

    Renáta works as a physiotherapist with experience in the private and currently public sector. In the project, she is responsible for the design of exercises, their description and testing in patients.

  • Bc. Irena Skřinařová physiotherapist

    Irena is a very experienced physiotherapist who has experience in both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. In VR Vitalis she helps with both setting up individual modules and testing them.

  • Mgr. Kristýna Müllerová physiotherapist

    Kristýna works as a physiotherapist in inpatient rehabilitation. She focuses with us on the preparation of individual exercise modules and their verification in practice.

  • MUDr. Jana Štveráková chief physician

    Jana is a rehabilitation doctor and head of the Medical Rehabilitation Department at AGEL Hospital Ostrava-Vítkovice. She leads a team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists who together with us design and test exercise modules for patients.

  • Bc. Patrik Kadlčík physiotherapist

    Patrik is a physiotherapist with extensive experience from the Medical Rehabilitation Department at AGEL Hospital Ostrava-Vítkovice, but also from a sports club or private practice. He helps us with setting up and testing rehabilitations in virtual reality.

  • Mgr. Michaela Plandorová occupational therapist

    Michaela is an occupational therapist in the Medical Rehabilitation Department at AGEL Hospital Ostrava-Vítkovice. She is devoted to the exercise of patients in virtual reality. She helps us design and verify the effectiveness of rehabilitation modules.

  • Mgr. Aneta Svobodová physiotherapist

    Aneta started working with us already during her studies. She now works as a physiotherapist in a Brno hospital. She helps us mainly with instructing clients, processing documents for studies, etc. She has a great gift of patience even in physiotherapy work with children.

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